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The Passover should remain grounded in the understanding that some things not change. Passover is essentially a sacrificial monument in which blood spilled as a means of liberation and identity. When God ordered the death of the firstborn in Egypt He made provision so that Israelites would not suffer loss. The slaughtered lamb provided the cover a satisfactory substitute for the firstborn in every Israelite home. It is to accomplish this very thing that Christ is Paschal Lamb.


They Do Not Leave When its Cleaving Time

Look at the scramble to keep people safe and you see a cover story for twisted coexistence theories. Look at the resistance movements across the globe and you see a trail of fragile alliances.   Churches struggle to preserve unity and mutual comfort between the saved and the unsaved, and most have realized that separating friends… Continue reading They Do Not Leave When its Cleaving Time


Tied Up In Nots

 Christ’s contemporaries had so compromised the integrity of their inner life that they were reluctant to admit what everybody knew, namely, that John was a reliable witness and he had pointed squarely to Yeshua as the Anointed and the Lamb of God.  They had wrapped themselves in knots of “You shall not”, silly fables and traditions.