Multimedia Madness

Multimedia Madness.
Messages and images in the media can only affect those who listen to and view them.  That explains
why I do not watch CNN.  The facts of human destiny seem to elude the anchors even when the
reporters in the field report the same thing repeatedly.  There is one message that dominates the
airwaves and printed media:  a power-hungry and callous minority are still trying to manipulate the
The flavours of 21st. century multimedia madness can be traced to centuries of religious bias, racism,
autocracy and imperialist endeavours.  In some cases the two have been blended into a maddening
mix of superior attitude.  When one places Jewish, Muslim and Christian history under the microscope
of civil achievement there is only one conclusion.  They have failed.  More surprising is the discovery that
the views that facilitated the trail of murder and oppression remain at the centre of these three religions.
Even when they claim to have genuine brotherhood as their priority what emerges is a thirst for domination
and a huge campaign of disinformation.  The madness of religion today is that it claims to be able to do a
better job at governing the planet han the civic and political powers that we have seen over the last 6 millennia. 
Only the blind and malicious seem to have any stomach for handing the reins of political power over to those
guided by religious rules.  The creation of Pakistan, the rise of Zionist Israel and the disarray of the Islamic republics
illustrate the  madness perfectly. 
There is no spirituality in the platforms of any of earth’s ruling powers, and, sadly, neither is there much divinity in
the activities of any of these religious bodies.  Madness rules in the denial of human dignity, in the creation of mindless
robots, and in the pursuit of power over one’s fellowmen.