I am a theologian.  My goal is to discover and uncover the security of Christian life.  The result of these discoveries will be always be to magnify the character and mission of Yeshua as Saviour.  If you have been saved by Christ you are saved indeed.  If you were freed by HIm you are free for real, and there is no question about anyone can raise about your freedom.

Christian authority resides in the man Messiah, Yeshua. He declared that His own words are life, that His words or sayings are solid rock on which a person may build his life.  With that in mind I have ventured on a journey of bringing the life of Christ’s sayings into the light of the twenty-first century.  As they say in high altitude flight, expect turbulence, use your seat-belts when asked, and arrive alive.

Christ’s sayings are not subject to covenantal shifts nor to interpretations of unenlightened philosophers.  Be aware that faith is the substance of our hopes.  Without faith no-one can understand the permanent realities that we call truth, and the sayings of Yeshua are even more distant due to the fact that He is no longer earthbound, but is risen,

So here are the sayings of the Messiah, interpreted in the light of His resurrection and seat in divine majesty.

More Grace to you.

The Heavenly Father, Christ-in-me,


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