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Confronting the senseless 45ers.

Cooper to Conway: Your answer makes no sense Commentators often appear to be experts and that perception gets sidelined when the anchors actually host an expert or two.  Nothing changes however when the fact remains that potus45 was a hero for many Americans in spite of what was known about him. The impunity with… Continue reading Confronting the senseless 45ers.


S‎piritual Tricorder on a Verifiable Buffoon

Spiritual Tricorder on a Verifiable Buffoon ‎ What other test can the great American Trumphoon not pass? Respect: failed. Patriotism: failed. Knowledge: failed. Entrepreneurship: failed. I know there is not much more. His talk about interpersonal love is not worthy of another mention, so let’s turn a spiritual tricorder on the buffoon. Is the trumphoon… Continue reading S‎piritual Tricorder on a Verifiable Buffoon


Some Observations on the Nature of Death

I make these observations knowing full well that many respected leaders in the Christian community hold views that are contrary to Messianic teaching. I venture to share the observations because the risk is too great if I didn’t. To a man, the globally renown evangelists, popular and respected apologists, telepreachers and seminary professors, confidently proclaim… Continue reading Some Observations on the Nature of Death