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There are people who are like the bird who is afraid to fly, the fish who is afraid of swimming, when they know full well that broken vessels leak and that actions are the best evidence of our condition. The victim of that mindset is alternately on or off deathrow.


S‎piritual Tricorder on a Verifiable Buffoon

Spiritual Tricorder on a Verifiable Buffoon ‎ What other test can the great American Trumphoon not pass? Respect: failed. Patriotism: failed. Knowledge: failed. Entrepreneurship: failed. I know there is not much more. His talk about interpersonal love is not worthy of another mention, so let’s turn a spiritual tricorder on the buffoon. Is the trumphoon… Continue reading S‎piritual Tricorder on a Verifiable Buffoon

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The Passover should remain grounded in the understanding that some things not change. Passover is essentially a sacrificial monument in which blood spilled as a means of liberation and identity. When God ordered the death of the firstborn in Egypt He made provision so that Israelites would not suffer loss. The slaughtered lamb provided the cover a satisfactory substitute for the firstborn in every Israelite home. It is to accomplish this very thing that Christ is Paschal Lamb.

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Put a Filter on the Godless Chatter

When some people rise (or kneel) to pray there are reverberations from both God and human observers because not all prayer is actually prayer.  God himself must wonder “Why isn’t he/she talking to me?” and we have asked ourselves “Who does that Pharisee think he is fooling with his interminable recitation and empty repetitions?”  In our… Continue reading Put a Filter on the Godless Chatter