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Confronting the senseless 45ers.

Cooper to Conway: Your answer makes no sense Commentators often appear to be experts and that perception gets sidelined when the anchors actually host an expert or two.  Nothing changes however when the fact remains that potus45 was a hero for many Americans in spite of what was known about him. The impunity with… Continue reading Confronting the senseless 45ers.

News and politics

Confronting the senseless

Cillizza: Trump’s most dangerous move Just when we thought we had seen the bottom of the barrel with POTUS 45 he terminates Mr. Comey’s directorship of the FBI.  Ruthless? Yes.  Thoughtless?  Somewhat.  Dangerous? Unequivocally.  If we could hear the real reason for Comey’s firing the danger would be easily addressed, but the GOP are… Continue reading Confronting the senseless

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The Silence is Ironic

If people were thinking that a revolution was really happening in the Middle East they can start thinking again.  The states being racked by protests and revolts have shown their true colour: repression, cruelty, ignorance, and religious phoniness.  The neighbours seem  to lack the courage to condemn the use of military power to suppress the call… Continue reading The Silence is Ironic